If you're ready to get unstuck and experience massive shifts in your life, let's explore the power of hypnotherapy to accelerate your path to happiness, probably and freedom! Traditional therapy can take decades to unlock what I can help you do in e sessions. Although personal development is fun and rewarding, you can invest extensive amount of time and money before you ever even start to see a change that may or may not stick.

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Welcome! I'm Kim Guche

If you landed here, you are more than likely feeling emotionally burdened, overwhelmed or simply feeling stuck in a life you don’t enjoy. if you’ve tried other approaches like traditional therapy, personal development or just white knuckling it through life and you’re still feeling stagnate and stuck, hypnosis can accelerate getting you unstuck and experiencing joy again!

Here’s a quick message from me:

It is possible to take control of your life instead of feeling like your life is controlling you.

Through the healing power of hypnosis, adults and children can achieve dramatic and life changing results with problems such as Limiting Beliefs, Self Confidence, Fears, Phobias and more.

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Does this sound like YOUR situation?

Can’t seem to relax.

Obsessive thoughts and worry.

Not living up to your potential.

Self sabotaging.

Feeling disconnected.

Wishing things were better… Different.

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Do you desire to feel like this?

Calm, relaxed, and in control.

Balanced, harmonious and peaceful.

Carefree and worry-free

Fun and energetic

All aspects of life feeling “in flow”

Living your best life!



If you’d like FAST and LASTING results in as few as 3 sessions, let’s book a clarity call to see if my transformational programs may be right for what you’re seeking!

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BREAK FREE from negative and self limiting thoughts and behaviors so you can start living the life you desire and dream of!

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so I can learn more about the problem situation and the desired outcome.
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What Clients Say About Kim

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I have over 25 years of experience and expertise working with children with special needs, communication and behavior disorders, and anxiety-related issues as a speech-language pathologist. Despite my extensive experience working with children with the above mentioned issues, I have consistently found that the quickest, easiest and most direct solution to these problems are achieved through the natural process of hypnosis. Dramatic and life changing results are achieved in just a FEW sessions, compared with marginal gains after years of traditional speech therapy.

The possibilities for change, growth and improvement are so vast using the power of the mind!

I am very dedicated to this work and passionate about helping others improve their lives. I’d love the opportunity to help you achieve your personal goals.


  1. Certified BWRT or Brain Working Recursive Technique
  2. Certified Consulting Hypnotist
  3. Certified Reiki Level ll Practitioner
  4. Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists
  5. Certified in Regression and Past Life Regression with the National Guild of Hypnotists
  6. Over 20 years of experience working with Children With Special Needs
  7. Trustworthy and Confidential Services
  8. Client centered approach to achieving goals
  9. Certified Life Coach (IBCP)
  10. Certified NLP Master Practitioner (IBCP)

Kimberley Guche CH, M.S., CCC-SLP

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