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Changing Your Hardwired Responses

Changing Your Hardwired Responses Is Easier than You Think

Have you wondered why you behave, respond, or react to certain situations in a certain way?

Phobias are irrational fear that can cause anxiety and unwanted responses to situations that can be hardwired into us. For example, you may be claustrophobic, afraid of heights, or have a fear of insects or needles, which can provoke a fight-or-flight response to the situation. You realize it is an irrational response, but no matter how hard you try it feels impossible to change your panic response.

The good news is that you CAN change your response.

What Is a Hardwired Response?

A hardwired response is put into effect by or made capable by genetic inheritance, like humans are hardwired for speech. Anxiety and phobia responses can be inherited through parental behaviors or PTSD. A great example of a hardwired response is someone who suffers from misophonia, meaning “hatred of sound.” When the sufferer of misophonia hears the trigger noise, like loud chewing or slurping noises, a negative response occurs, such as anger or panic. The irrational response can be a learned behavior from a relative or friend or it could be a genetic trait. Either way, it becomes part of the body’s natural defense system.

Phobias with hardwired responses, like “butterflies in the stomach” or “being paralyzed with fear” are more common than you think. Most people can manage their fear from day to day, and they only look for help when it prevents them from doing something they want to do or when they know they must face a difficult situation but feel overtaken by fear.

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Two Treatments Can Change Your Response

There are two types of therapy that can help redirect your hardwired responses: hypnotherapy and brain working recursive therapy (BWRT).

Hypnotherapy uses naturally occurring relaxed states of the subconscious to help clients redirect their hardwired responses in a compassionate way. Hypnosis can be used to change hardwired thoughts, expectations, and responses. We have all experienced a memory that we thought to be accurate, but realized it became distorted over time and no longer represents the past event accurately. This happens with future events, as well. the techniques used at Entrancing Inspirations will help you pinpoint what is triggering your responses and reprogram new, desirable thoughts, feelings and behaviors instead of the old hardwired responses that are causing problems.

BWRT is a very powerful and effective way to rapidly change hard wired responses.  The therapy uses a specific protocol that occurs in a conscious state of awareness to set in place the new, desired response to a trigger stimulus.

If you’d like to redirect a hardwired response, contact Kim Guche.

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