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Now Is the Best Time for Hypnosis and BWRT Work

Everybody is edgy, feeling the stress of Coronavirus uncertainty and the effects of lock down; they are riding an emotional roller coaster — except my clients. As the world’s stress has heightened due to COVID-19, my clients who suffer from anxiety are remaining calm throughout the ordeal. They are successfully using the tools I provide during hypnotherapy and Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) sessions to make inner changes to cope with this crazy and uncertain time. Sessions include switching off negative and fearful thoughts to move into a state of relaxation and maintain positive, hopeful thoughts.

Why wait until you hit a new and lower low? Get help now.

World Anxiety Has Heightened

When living in fear of the unknown, it is easy to let negative thoughts and fears spiral out of control and to imagine the worst case, doom and gloom scenarios.

Coronavirus stress

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We are all plagued with COVID-19 questions that have no answers, and only time will tell what is going to happen. We have questions like:

  • When will this isolation end and when will things get back to normal?
  • Who do I trust for answers? The CDC, WHO, and politicians are constantly changing protocols for staying safe. Many are telling us to do different things for safe distancing, cleanliness, and wearing masks.
  • How do I keep my kids calm when they miss their friends and teachers and are struggling with homeschooling? They don’t understand what is going on.
  • Will I ever get to see my grandma, parents, and other family members in person again?
  • How are people going to pay bills when they can’t reach a live person at unemployment?
  • What is going to happen when businesses, work, and schools open again? Will it be hard to adjust back?
  • Will I get the virus when everything reopens?
  • What if someone tries to shake my hand or hug me when this is over, and I freak out?
  • Will I ever be able to enjoy going out in public again (church, concert, restaurant, sporting event)?

All these questions make our minds race and cause anxiety that feeds on fear of the unknown. With my teletherapy sessions, I will help you stop out of control negative thoughts and get you into harmony and balance, so that you can think positively about life and the future! Sometimes you just need to talk to a person who can give you positive direction to make you feel in control, less alone, and ready to tackle whatever the future brings.

My Clients Have the Tools to Cope with Crisis

It has been exciting to watch and listen each week during teletherapy sessions to comments such as:

  • “I had a great week!”
  • “I went from literally 3 hours of restless sleep every night to consistently sleeping 7 hours straight.”
  • “I went from no motivation to get off the couch to working out daily and making healthier food choices!”
  • “I have relaxed my fear about Coronavirus. A couple weeks ago I was sabotaging myself, constantly saying, ‘I know I’m going to get this virus and die from it,’ to now using the tools for self-care, physically and emotionally. I am healthy and well, and I will remain so.”
  • “The energy in our house has gone from screaming, yelling, and chaos to becoming much calmer and more relaxed. We are enjoying each other and finding ways to have fun!”

I can help you, too.

Teletherapy Sessions and Discounted Rates

Call for your free, no obligation strategy session now before things spiral out of control. Take advantage of specials and discounts currently being offered. Consultations are free.

Due to social distancing requirements, I now offer teletherapy via Facetime or Zoom. I use hypnotherapy and BWRT sessions to calm and relax you and to replace your fears with confidence. To find out more, fill out the form on the Contact Page or call me at (585) 708-9923 to set up a teletherapy session.

For self-help tips and ideas to overcome anxiety and fear during COVID-19, read my blog “Stay Calm and Carry on During COVID-19.

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